Climate Change
Identified root cause
Lack of awareness that there is an ecological footprint to your salary, i.e. high (and even medium) salaries drive climate-change (exceptions confirm the rule)
Proposed solution
– Setup a website ( ?) with a very simple, slick user interface where you can enter your salary to get feedback on its sustainability. – Estimate carbon footprint for both salary-generation side/production side of GDP (i.e. from what economic activity did your income arise) and salary-usage side/ expenditure side of GDP (i.e. for what is income typically spend: consumption, saving that results into investment into certain industries, donations that drive certain economic activities). – Use of some simple available public data and a simple calculation model. Accuracy is not important. It’s all about giving a rough indication. – Have some optional input fields such as industry you work in, country, etc. that help estimate the carbon footprint and make it more precise/applicable/relatable. – After MVP release, later functions like storing your results, comparing to others (anonymous), a just, transparent AND sustainable salary calculator for companies could be added
Issues / open questions
– Data modelling and calculation really easy to setup? And really producing meaningful results? – How to make people interested in the first place? Sharing results/social media dynamic is not easy as salary is a taboo topic.

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