Social Seed #1: Pay status points, reduce salary

Issue to fix:

Climate change|

Identified root cause:

Status-competition drives quest for high salaries, high salaries drive quest for high growth, high growth impossible to uncouple from environmental footprints, clashes with planetary boundaries.|

Proposed solution:

Develop ecosocial/karma currency (or status point system) to be used alongside salary payments in traditional currencies as supplementary means to honour somebodies “value” (and hence status) to the organisation and society.|

Issues / open questions:

  • will it just be pure status, or will there be any use to the points, e.g. like an eco-currency that you can actually by something with? I would tend for making it status-only because an eco-currency is complex and will never be fully “immaterial” / carbon-neutral
  • will status/karma salary be made public/transparent?
  • how can individual “value” / performance be translated into an objective status/karma point scale? It needs to be “objective” so that its comparable and status points are not used inflationary by some actors and restrictive by others.|

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