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If you are looking for social entrepreneurship ideas or how to develop one yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

Social Source is a platform that provides you with already pre-developed ideas. Open to think about. Open for comments. Open for further development. And open for immediate application.

Using our Social Source template you can also develop your own idea in a structured format. Open for ideation. Open for sharing.

Our latest Sources

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    Challenge Trains are a crucial part of the ecological transition of our economies and societies. Travelling and working on trains needs to be comfortable and productive. The current system of loud,…
  • sustainablesalary.org
    Challenge Climate Change Identified root cause Lack of awareness that there is an ecological footprint to your salary, i.e. high (and even medium) salaries drive climate-change (exceptions confirm the rule)…
  • Pay status points, reduce salary
    Challenge Climate change Identified root cause Status-competition drives quest for high salaries, high salaries drive quest for high growth, high growth impossible to uncouple from environmental footprints, clashes with planetary…