Silence Train Announcements


Trains are a crucial part of the ecological transition of our economies and societies. Travelling and working on trains needs to be comfortable and productive. The current system of loud, disturbing and often unnecessary and redundant announcements over speakers in train carriages is a legacy system to be overcome.

Identified root cause

The technology and design of loudspeaker train announcement systems is outdated and doesn't match the technological possibilities nor the needs of a modern traveller. Loudspeaker systems annoy everyone for the benefit of few people who rely on getting train updates through loudspeaker announcements,

Proposed solution

Replace the current mono-channel, non user-group-specific, non-work-friendly system by:

– multiple (partially already existing) silent/non-louddspeaker announcements means via phone notifications, eMail notifications, browser notifications, screen notifications (requires more screens), visual indications (e.g. lights similar to the “WC” light signalling “delay” or “important information”, so travellers are aware they need to check the screens or there phones.
– reserve loudspeaker announcements for important messages (not small delays, but rather “this train ends here, please exit”, or “there is an emergency”)
– ensure accessibility for small minorities e.g. for blind people or people without mobile phones through other targeted (digital) means and interaction with train personnel rather than through loudspeaker systems
– explore other innovative notification systems

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